From an early age I have been a huge Lotus aficionado. I think that everything built by Colin Chapman lives and breathes Motorsport, it is all about the handling. The Elan S4 SE has long been my favorite car. So when I got the chance to restore my own and make it even better, I took it, resulting in this great yellow Elan. It runs great, drives great, looks great. And and I try to enjoy driving it as much as I can.

Since my retirement I do what I like the most, restoring vintage Lotuses. Europa’s or Elan’s, it doesn’t matter, I will work on it. Keeping the originality, but with some small improvements here and there to put my mark on these cars.

As this is my hobby and my passion, I am also happy to help anyone who shares my passion. So feel free to use the contact page to contact me. Questions, tips or advice, just let me know.